Day 5

Friday, 28th February, 2020


3:00 PM Onwards

154 Studio


3:00 – 3:45 PM

Genres of Tomorrow


Music has seen its fair share of change in the last seven decades of Pakistan’s existence and to date, it is continuously evolving. Exploring this change in the choice of the masses, the panel will discuss the music of the past, present, and what the future holds, in a bid to understand the Genres of Tomorrow. The panel will feature a mix of indie musicians, classical singers such as Tina Sani, and performers from Bands such as Kashmir and E-Sharp, amongst others.


4:00 – 4:40 PM

Drum Therapy


A new wave of therapy that promises to relieve the audiences through a participatory circle of rhythmic drum music, this session will be an all-inclusive exercise to make people understand the importance of sound in order to have a relaxed lifestyle.


5:00 – 5:45 PM

Shut Up and Laugh!


Get ready to tickle those funny bones as some of Pakistan’s most humorous comedians take centre stage to leave the audiences reeling! The stand-up comedy corner will feature names such as Usman Mazhar, amongst others, who are ready to make everyone laugh out loud!


6:00 – 6:45 PM

Music, Performance and Pakistan


Pakistan’s rich heritage is not completely discussed until the mention of performance and music does not come into play. There’s a wide-range of talent that lies in the country when it comes to music, dance, and performance, and this panel aims to explore exactly that through the discourse brought forward by names like Arieb Azhar, Saif Samejo and Suniel Shankar, amongst others.